Research, Product, Service, Knowledge.

For this blog I have chosen to specify four areas which exist in the globe. There is Research and Development going on in academic knowledge hubs and some large organizations. There are products being made and sold by organizations. There is a service being provided by organizations, There is knowledge being sold by organizations.

Research is mostly being carried out by academia and universities.

Products are being made and sold by organizations based on market demands.

Services are provided by organizations based on market needs.

Knowledge is sold by organizations and individuals.

To do research people dive deep into a problem to solve it and invent a solution. To make a product an exercise in engineering and manufacturing is carried out to make something. To provide a service you have something which you own or can do and other people use it and pay you for the use. For knowledge people or organizations know something and they sell their knowledge and analysis of it.

What is more important. Invent; Make, Serve or Know.

As things stand:

  • Some people are inventing as they have the budget to invest people into researching and inventing.
  • Some people are making because they have the source materials, the manufacturing capability and the people to make that thing.
  • Some people are providing a service because they have the people and equipment available to provide that service.
  • Some people are selling knowledge and analysis because they have that knowledge and are capable of providing an analysis on it.


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