Technology Cadets

Does the tech industry need cadet programs similar to the army and the bureaucracy ? Is this a possible solution to the great resignation and the tech industry skilled worker shortage ?
In many countries at a young age cadets enter into the army with the view of a long term engagement. They are sponsored initially, trained a while and then they deliver later on. The important thing to note is that after all this they are committed in writing to serve multiple years.
Would it be fair to say that with the skilled workers shortage in the tech industry there is a requirement of cadet programs in the tech industry? Cadet programs where intake is made with a long term commitment. Where fresh people are taken in, skilled up and they serve a lengthy while ? This solves both the skills shortage and the employee churn in the current great resignation environment.
The relationship can be mutually beneficial for both sides just like it is in the army. A non-tech industry worker might be looking to enter into the tech industry while continuing to earn. The tech industry are also looking for people who can deliver. A six months or a year long on job training program with a view to start delivering on some tasks quickly and then develop further later. Again importantly the technology cadet program would have a proper written commitment to remain in the organisation for a couple of years at least. I think people looking to enter the tech industry will not mind such a commitment because of the remote work attraction in the tech industry. Its mutually beneficial.
This would convert every local McDonald’s worker and every Call Center Agent into a potential technology cadet available for intake. Anyone and everyone willing to enter the tech industry becomes an easy candidate.
I think its an option that should be available in the market.
What do you think ?


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